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"If there were an award for most fabulous scene, it would go to the one in which Michel (Jon Barker) volunteers some fencing advice to young Georges and then dazzles everyone in a demonstration that would have made Errol Flynn envious.

Yes, Rick Sordelet, the company's acclaimed fight director, deserves major credit, but the seductiveness is all Mr. Barker's."

Anita Gates, The New York Times

Jon Barker, Prince Mikhail, Tovarich, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

"Barker’s richly drawn portrait seems to roll into one

the appeal of a sensitive poet, authoritative prince,

and athlete; his physical comedy skills are of great use during a scene involving a sword concealed in his pants."

Ronni Reich, The Star Ledger

"Barker is terrific and displays a dashing Errol Flynn-like derring-do especially when he takes a flying leap toward the bed where his wife is reclining…"

Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up

"Jon makes a perfect handsome, dashing prince."

Rick Buscigilio,

"…Barker's maneuvering around the stage with a sword stuck down his pant leg is priceless."

Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven

"In "Tovarich" Barker even does the neat trick of dueling with the panache of an Errol Flynn while slipping in a bit of the clowning of a Danny Kaye."

Thom Molyneaux,

Barker and Mulcahy's "extended swordplay, choreographed by fight director Rick Sordelet, is absolutely astonishing. It's both thrilling to watch and humorous."

Bob Brown, Princeton Packet

"Barker and Street are masterful in the life they have breathed into these characters."

Sherri Rase,

As Prince Mikail, "Jon Barker blends just the right mix of lover and patriot to Russia."

Liz Kreill, The Alternative Press

Mikail (Jon Barker) and Tatiana (Carly Street), photo credit: Gerry Goodstein,

The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

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