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"...Jon Barker (is) excellent as the ardent playwright..."

 Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

"...Jon Barker, as Doctor Caius, brings some welcome farce."

 Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times

“Mr. Barker, always a vivid presence, is droll as the vain, high strung Actor..."

Michael Sommers, The New York Times

"Messrs. Barker and Cromer are well and truly roguish as partners in crime.."

Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

"Barker is captivating onstage, by turns raving and pitiable."

Ronni Reich, The Star Ledger

"...(Jon Barker's) delicate interpretation of the scene where the sorrowing Pericles recognizes his long-lost daughter is especially moving."

Michael Sommers, The New York Times

"Yes, Rick Sordelet, the company's acclaimed fight director, deserves major credit, but the seductiveness is all Mr. Barker's."

Anita Gates, The New York Times

"Barker captures an infuriated, thrilled, undone Thomas."

Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post

"The entire acting company is superb but especially watch the humor of the scenes with Jon Barker as he plays Ferdinand Gadd..."

Karen Nowosad,

"Hotspur is usually construed as a romantic warrior, but Mr. Barker puts an interesting, peevish spin on this hero..."

Michael Sommers, The New York Times

"The cast includes Jon Barker as Cassio, whose portrait of a man, loyal literally to the death, to his general, is laced with humor and something that is refreshing..."

Sherri Rase,

"Jon Barker is an engaging Philinte. His reading of Wilbur's iambic pentameter is smooth and mellifluous..."
Bob Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

"Lucentio is attended well by Jon Barker as Tranio, whose transition from man to master is masterful indeed."
Sherri Rase,

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