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"The part of Caliban is mastered by Jon Barker with an unearthly presence, alternately repulsive and sympathetic."

Marina Kennedy,

Jon Barker, Caliban, The Tempest, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

"Barker's Caliban reveals the vulnerable and powerless victim behind the bitterness and spite and the production benefits from Monte’s decision to make Caliban more of a

primitive human than an exotic monster."

Patrick Maley, Exeunt Magazine

"Jon Barker as Caliban somehow made his character simultaneously repulsive and sympathetic."

Richard Carter, Newark Performing Arts Examiner

"Jon Barker, who usually plays rather heroic roles in STNJ productions (Tovarich and Pericles), is almost unrecognizable here: dirty, crabbed of posture, cringing, whining, and willing to switch allegiance to another master on a dime. That Barker can pull this off (and even evoke some sympathy for the monster) is testament to his talent."

Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven

"Jon Barker brings a primitive, feral quality to his characterization.

The Caliban/Stephano/Trinculo actors prove to be adept farceurs and all but steal the show with routines that the Marx Brothers would envy (and probably steal). These are the funniest I’ve ever seen these scenes played."

Thom Molyneaux, Pascack Community Life

"Barker here is quite a contrast to his more romantic roles in past productions, especially the highly acclaimed Tovarich.

He is hardly recognizable in the rags,

long fingernails and peculiar disguises."

Liz Keill, The Alternative Press

"When joined by Mr. Barker’s Caliban (most often on all fours) ...the trio’s physical comedy is astonishing — just brilliant."

Bob Brown, The Princeton Packet

"Barker is captivating onstage, by turns raving and pitiable."

Ronni Reich, The Star Ledger

"An especially intimate and thoughtful production."

The New York Times

"A majestic vision..."

The Star Ledger

The Tempest "is wonderful."

New Jersey Monthly Magazine

Caliban (Jon Barker), photo credit: Jerry Dalia, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

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