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The Merry Wives of windsor
Jon Barker, Dr. Caius, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

Dr. Caius  (Jon Barker), photo credit: Jerry Dalia, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, 2015

"Caius is French and Barker’s Gallic shrugs at the foibles of the Anglais are as much fun as his Lollipop-Guild hairdo."

 Sherri Rase, Onstage

“… Jon Barker, as Doctor Caius, brings some welcome farce.” Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times

“This is a large cast but one of the outstanding comedic performances in this show is given by Jon Barker who plays Doctor Caius. He had the audience laughing every time he appeared on stage.” Karen Nowosad,

"Deserving special mention... (is) the irrepressible Barker, whose over-the-top French accent and divinely inspired comic timing make him the show's highlight."

Pete Hempstead, Theatermania

"...the volcanically temperamental French physician, Dr. Caius (Jon Barker who steals every scene he’s in)." 

C.W. Walker, Daily Record

"Her mother wants Anne to marry Dr. Caius, a foppish Frenchman played hilariously by Jon Barker (his outrageous French accent could slice paté de foie gras at 20 paces)."

Bob Brown,

"In his work at this theater, Barker keeps setting a high bar for himself and with each new play raises it. His performance as Dr. Caius is hilarious, razor sharp, and a model of low-key, high farce. It’s becoming clearer and clearer this young actor is the most inventive and flexible member of the talented Shakespeare Company. The Grinch stole Christmas; Barker steals the show."

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