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"Jon Barker... (is one of the) other exuberant notables among Ms. Monte’s capable 13-member ensemble..."

Michael Sommers, The New York Times

"The entire acting company is superb but especially watch the humor of the scenes with Jon Barker as he plays Ferdinand Gadd..."

Karen Nowosad,

"The most hilarious exaggerated “acting” is leading man Ferdinand Gadd (Jon Barker), who earns some of the biggest laughs…"

Bob Brown,

"Another scene stealer is Jon Barker who plays Avonia's hubby and fellow actor Ferdinand Gadd... it is his wildly overacting Gadd that is so great.

He is a total drama queen and Barker plays him to the hilarious extreme. The result is laughs galore. He is very funny."

Janine Torsiello, Morris Beats

Jon Barker, Ferdinand Gadd, Trelawny of the Wells, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

Rose Trelawny (Nisi Sturgis), Avonia Bunn (Rachael Fox), Ferdinand Gadd (Jon Barker) and Tom Wrench (John Patrick Hayden), photo credit: Gerry Goodstein, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

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