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Pupil and Master.

Caliban's hole.


Patrick and I signed up for Jeff's "men only" yoga class.

Party pit.

Time to put in my extensions!


Tranio & Gremio.


Smile for the camera. No? Ok.

Reading of Jim's vampire flick. SUSAN!


Chain mail... heavy. Conserve... energy.

Laughing AT me.

Men in sashes with fake mustaches.

No comment.

Being examined by Dr. Melinda Warner.

Fred Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione, and George Weasley.

Fabian smash!

Fabian think!

Shredded paper donated by Lehman Brothers.

Rare glimpse of the Wizard.

Matt is probably complaining about something because he's so difficult to work with.

The bit(ter) players.

Never seen a man in a wig before?!

Fairly sure that Landis is mooning the camera.

We'll always have Paris.

Rick Sordelet's #1 safety tip: Always protect your eyes.

Just a couple of fresh-faced undergrads.

Find the Tony nominee.

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